Tuesday, January 12, 2016

korHarmonics indicator - new 6.8.5 version download

This is quick update regarding korHarmonics harmonic indicator.

We have launched new commercial version 6.8.5.

Functional description and korHarmonics download option is available from: http://tools.tradingarsenal.com/korharmonics-indicator-download/

korHarmonics automatically scans the charts and presents (real-time and historical) price, harmonic and geometric patterns appearing on any chart and covering any instrument available on your broker platform supported by MT4.

korHarmonics is different from DaVinci indicator.

DaVinci is intended to support the harmonic trader’s analysis and make the drawing of valid harmonic patterns. The user positions the X, A, B, C, D points on the chart and the indicator will perform the validation and classification of the harmonic pattern, draw the PRZ BOX and Fibonacci PRZ lines.
To read more about DaVinci indicator please  visit: http://tools.tradingarsenal.com/davinciskiss-harmonic-indicator-download/

If you look for a web based scanner, you need to check our www.AMPmonitor.com