Thursday, September 30, 2010

I don't get the Butterfly but do have the crab. I usually don't look so closely at the smaller time frames due to their jumpiness but maybe I should. 15mins is as small as I get or else i would think I'd go crazy ;)

the 1-2-1 looked nice as well

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TradingArsenal Team said...

...for me this Crab is of course wrong :)
actaually the new version of korHarmonics can filter it out already, and in this case draws a nice butterfly.

Please see in the historical posts the proper position for Crab.

But yes, this 121 is fantastic!

TradingArsenal Team said...

it was here:

China Wombat said...

opps, i thought I had the latest version...better update that then...

where can i find out more about the one2one technique please?

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