Sunday, July 8, 2012

TradingArsenal Forum update email

Dear Users,

Time to update you about what's going on at Trading Arsenal. And we are doing a lot currently!

1. First of all our trading Community is growing very fast. Happy to see new people willing to participate and improve their trading skills. 
2. Several new journals were started. Check where author shared in the last posts his impressive equity curve.
3. The completely new AMPmonitor ( ) is comming soon! New layout, new functionality, improved searching methods and confirmations. It will just blow you out! Remember to check:
4. The new section is coming to be added in forum - Systems & Strategies. A lot of practical and interesting info is going to be put there!
5. We move into more practical elements of harmonic trading. Just couple of days ago started a thread regarding the entry techniques for the Gartley pattern (to start with). See:
6. Long awaiting Volume Spread Analysis (VSA) thread where we observe and discuss the VSA as confirmation technique for harmonic trading. See the collection of VSA indicators: and
7. Many people ask about the 121 / One2One pattern. We will open this Section to public very soon!
8. Lots of new trading materials here -> and indicators here ->

More info on our Facebook Page, check it out and "Like it!" to stay up to date!

Kind regards,
Trading Arsenal Team

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